Green Hydrogen and Agri-PV Solutions

Green Power Storage Solutions paves the way to a CO2-free and energy-independent future through the local production and storage of renewable energy and green hydrogen.

Combined Production of Renewable Energies and Green Hydrogen Our Mission

We at GPSS want to change the way of thinking about energy production and thereby shape a more CO2-free and energy-independent future.

Therefore, we are developing our local Energy-Ecosystems for the production, storage and use of green energy. We create synergies through the efficient combination of electricity generation, hydrogen production, heat demand and agricultural activities.

Thus, GPSS supports Luxembourg to achieve a significant level of self-sufficiency in renewable electricity from Agri-PV and green hydrogen with the help of regional plants and to enable a decarbonised future.

Agri-PV Potential How many Households Could be Supplied by my Agricultural Land?

Agricultural land has untapped potential:

Besides supplying food, they are able to contribute significantly to the supply of green electricity. But how many households could be supplied with electricity from your agricultural land? Use our household/hectare calculator to estimate the potential of your land.


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