Electricity from Agri-PV Future for Agriculture and Energy Transition

GPSS offers Agri-PV (Agri-Photovoltaic) solutions to simultaneously use the land for agricultural cultivation and renewable electricity production from solar energy. By expanding photovoltaics while maintaining agricultural activity, the land efficiency can be increased.

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Agri-PV Offers Great Potential Not Only for Farmers

You are a farmer, or you own agricultural land and want to contribute to the energy transition? At the same time, is sustainability of importance while agricultural activity is maintained?

Are you a company that would like to produce green and cost-effective electricity yourself, but your options seem already exhausted by installing a PV system on the roof?

Then the Agri-PV solutions from GPSS are exactly what you need!

With our solutions, we guarantee that the agricultural character and premium eligibility of your land is preserved, cultivation is still possible and green electricity is produced efficiently all at the same time.

The future of agriculture and the future of energy production are closely linked.

Multiple Benefits through Agri-PV

Synergies evolve from the dual use of agricultural land which creates an additional source of income for farmers.

In addition, the protective effect of the PV modules enables a reduced impact of extreme weather events on agricultural crops.

In the future, electricity will be harvested too!

The potential of electricity produced with Agri-PV is huge. Find out how many households could be supplied with electricity from your field with our Household/Hectare Calculator.

Agri-PV in combination with grassland

Agri-PV in combination with arable land

Our Solutions Adapted to Your Needs

Agri-PV systems generate electricity in the same way as conventional photovoltaic systems. However, they must meet specific technical and environmental criteria to adapt electricity production to agricultural use in the best possible way. Therefore, our concepts are designed to offer the farmer as much flexibility as possible while ensuring efficient electricity generation.

GPSS offers you a complete portfolio of expertise to find the optimal Agri-PV solution for you.

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Why Agri-PV is so Important for Luxembourg

Today, agricultural land occupies about half the area of Luxembourg – a figure that underlines the continuing importance of agriculture to the country’s society and landscape.

However, due to the size of the country, space and resources are limited. This leads to increasing competition for land use. Furthermore, Luxembourg is strongly reliant on energy imports. This creates a dependence on energy supplies from other countries and their price developments, which have experienced a steady increase in recent years due to geopolitical crises and the energy transition.

Thanks to the dual-use potential of Agri-PV, both the competition for land use can be reduced and the expansion of renewable electricity production and energy independence can be significantly increased.

The retention of agricultural land is actively promoted, which contributes to the persistence of Luxembourg’s agricultural character. The implementation of Agri-PV, if properly designed, can promote special ecosystems and biodiversity.

Due to the shading properties of PV modules, Agri-PV systems can have positive effects on agricultural use. Crops and animals can thus be protected from increasingly frequent extreme weather events.

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