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Solutions with Green Hydrogen Energy Carrier of the Future

Energy transition poses major challenges for many companies. The possibility of producing green and cost-effective energy independently seems to be limited by the installation of a PV system on the roof. In addition, the consumption and production of electricity often diverge in time. Does this sound familiar to you?

Within an Energy-Ecosystem, as shown in the animation, green hydrogen offers a solution to these challenges. With an electrolyser, green hydrogen can be produced CO2-free directly from green electricity. That enables electricity to be stored efficiently in the long term and used in a plannable manner. Another advantage is that hydrogen can be transported to another location.

There is a wide range of possible uses for green hydrogen:

  • Storage of green electricity and unused surplus electricity
  • Alternative propulsion for a fleet of vehicles with high weight and range (e.g. trucks and buses)
  • Covering a large heat demand
  • and many more…

With the combination of Agri-PV and green hydrogen, GPSS offers solutions in the form of Energy-Ecosystems to maximise the amount of self-generated green electricity and make it storable. With these decentralised and local systems, renewable energies can be used efficiently and in a plannable way at your location.

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We would be pleased to consult you on the possibilities of integrating green hydrogen at your location

But what is Green Hydrogen?

Green hydrogen is a gas that is produced by splitting water (H2O) into its components hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2).

This splitting requires electricity, which in the case of green hydrogen originates from renewable energy sources such as solar or wind power. This process, called electrolysis, produces zero emissions.

Green hydrogen is therefore an energy carrier free of carbon dioxide (CO2) and a central component for decarbonisation in the industrial and mobility sectors.

Why Green Hydrogen is so Important for a Successful Energy Transition

The general trend to switch from fossil to renewable energies often fails due to the lack of predictability of green energy production.

GPSS has made it their mission to provide a solution for the challenge of making renewable energy storable and consequently controllable in the form of green hydrogen, allowing the energy to be used when it is needed.

Our energy ecosystems help to increase the use of renewable energies and to reduce the load on the electricity grid. In this way, you make an important contribution to the energy transition and to the energy self-sufficiency of your company and Luxembourg.

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Coming soon!

The first GPSS Energy Ecosystem is about to be released!

This project, which serves as a proof of concept of GPSS, is supported by renowned (public and private) partners and represents a big step towards Luxembourg’s self-sufficiency in green hydrogen.

Come back in a few weeks to find out more.

Energy-Ecosystem Our Sustainable Solution for your Individual Needs

With the help of our expertise in renewable energy and hydrogen production and our experience from our own projects, GPSS accompanies you from consulting to the realisation of your own Energy-Ecosystem. These decentralised and local production plants are designed to combine electricity and hydrogen production in the best possible way and to create synergies.

We deliver tailor-made solutions to develop an efficient Energy-Ecosystem adapted to your individual requirements.

GPSS offers you a complete portfolio of expertise in the areas of green hydrogen production and utilisation.

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