Winner of the Agri-PV tender in Luxembourg

The results of the first national Agri-PV tender in Luxembourg have been published by the Ministry of Energy and Spatial Planning.

We are very happy to announce that all 4 submitted projects in which GPSS is involved have been awarded! This means that 30% of all selected projects will be implemented together with GPSS and more than 10 MWp will be installed in Luxembourg in the next two years.

Two of the projects were initiated by us and in the other two Agri-PV plants GPSS as a service provider supports innovative farmers in the realisation.

Our different concepts were approved by the three involved ministries of agriculture, energy and environment during the tendering process. This shows that we have succeeded in combining active agriculture, efficient energy production and measures to improve biodiversity in a meaningful way.

An interesting article with more information about the Luxembourg Agri-PV tender can be found on the PV Magazine website:

The Future for agriculture and energy transition – with GPSS!